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A Work In Progress

March 31, 2019

Last Sunday morning I was baking some brownies preparing for a visit with a friend later that day. Within minutes I found myself licking the spoon and eating the left over batter. Man, did it taste good. Pure bliss.

There was a time when I would have mistaken this for self care. Those “feel good” moments aren’t always as good for us as we think. It also felt good when I used to drink a bottle of wine a night, but that was in no way good for mind, body or spirit. One of my goals I have for myself right now is to be more physically active and eat healthier. Licking the spoon and eating the brownie batter was not helping me reach my goal.

This past week I have had moments where I was working toward my goals (family walks, jogging, making healthy food choices, spending quiet time with God) and moments where I was working against them for instant pleasure (eating a candy bar, skipping a walk in favor of TV, staying up too late). I’m a work in progress. But I’m learning that sometimes taking care of myself means putting myself in uncomfortable situations (my thighs the day after jogging 😐) and stepping outside of my normal routine.

Here is a picture of the whole wheat banana bread I made yesterday. Dairy doesn’t work well with my body, so I’m exploring some dairy free baking recipes. It’s a bit healthier than the brownies of last weekend, but still a weekend treat!

What goals are you currently working on? Any dairy free baking recipes you’d like to share?

Thanks for reading 😊

The Self Care Lady

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