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August 12, 2017

This past month has been so busy! Busy with good things like finishing up studying, taking and PASSING my exam to be licensed as a marriage and family therapist; painting the new church building; helping my sister in law move and helping a friend from church move. The thing about stress, is sometimes it can come from things you really enjoy doing. Things you want to do. But just doing them to much.
This is my first Saturday in 4 Saturdays we haven’t had something on the calendar. The only reason the calendar is empty is because I said NO to any obligations today. I knew I needed to care for myself today in order to continue to function at my best.
This past week I noticed I have felt a little on edge, somewhat irritable, and sometimes overwhelmed.
It’s funny how when I don’t make time for rest during the busy, I always get overwhelmed.
Today my rest looks like sleeping in (until 8:15 😂), knitting a new scarf (available on Etsy), watching Buffy and enjoying the rain with my dog.
Yesterday my rest looked like picking up the house, vacuuming, doing laundry, and walking the dog. All before I went to work at 10 AM. It gave me a sense of calm and peace.
Self care can be different things at different times in our lives. It isn’t always what we typically think of as self care like watching TV, reading a book, getting a massage, etc. Those are great! But other self care things can be more active like showering, cleaning your house, doing some exercise, or decluttering.
What signs do you notice in yourself when you’re getting stressed or overwhelmed with the business of life?
Some common signs of stress include:
1. Headaches/jaw clenching
2. Neck ache/ backache/ muscle spasm
3. Feeling light headed/faint/ dizzy
4. Frequent colds/infections/ allergy attacks
5. Constipation or Diarrhea
6. Low Libido
7. Increased anxiety or worry
8. Difficulty making decisions
9. Less productive at work
10. Increased tiredness or fatigue
Check out the full list of 50 signs of stress from the American Institute of Stress.
After reading over the list I’ve also noticed myself feeling sick, taking more over the counter medications for headaches and colds, having stomach trouble and increased fatigue.
Taking time to care for yourself is not selfish. You are setting yourself up to be in good health (both physical and emotional) and increasing your capacity to give your full self to your family, your friends, your job and your community.
Kylee Alyse

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  1. Yay – another dog-loving Buffy fan 🙂
    Recognise all the symptoms but also my tinnitus gets louder and more distracting when I’m stressed. Very annoying.
    We don’t have a dog. My wife and I both grew up in households with black labs but have been too busy for the last 30 years to have a dog of our own. Recently we offered to have her boss’s dog for a weekend whilst they were on holiday. We loved having her (springer spaniel) and offered again last weekend. I found having her around has been a massive comfort during this difficult summer. The first thing my wife did when I had a bit of a breakdown in July was take me to her boss’s house for some dog therapy. I aim to pack in work in a few years time and I suspect dog-ownership will be part of the retirement plan!

    1. Hello!
      Yes, Buffy and dogs are great! My dog is a trained therapy dog and we get to visit hospitals and schools and stuff. It’s really neat that you’ve been able to dog-share recently.
      The physical symptoms of stress can vary so widely from person to person, I’m sorry about your pain.
      Thanks for stopping by, I’ll have to check our your blog!

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