Self Care Time Management

How To Take Ownership of Your Time

May 19, 2019

Hey Mama!

I have said it. I’ve heard many other moms say it. The one thing that keeps us from making time for self-care:

“I don’t have enough time”

If you are anything like me you might spend your time after the kids are in bed watching TV or scrolling through Facebook. When I sat down and took a good look at how I was spending my days I realized I was wasting a lot of time on things that aren’t helping me achieve my goals or care for myself.

Here are some tips to start taking ownership of your time.

1. Make a list of your priorities: If someone asked you what 5 things are most important in your life, how would you answer? I imagine family or kids would make the list. Perhaps your job, your spouse, nutrition, personal hobbies, exercise. Everyone’s list will be different. What’s important is to think about what things are most important to you.

2. Take a time inventory for one day: Pick a day that is a relatively normal day and be mindful of what you are doing with your time. What is the first thing you do when you wake up (for me, it’s coffee)? Are your actions in line with the priorities you listed or are you finding yourself feeling pulled in other directions? Are you being intentional or are you frequently checking a lot of email/Facebook/Instagram? No shame, we all do it. Being mindful of your time is the first step towards positive change. Pay special attention to those 5-10 minute lulls you have between activities. Keep a log in your phone or on a small notebook. When I did this activity I realized I was spending way too much time watching TV, scrolling mindlessly on my phone, reading articles I did not actually care about and planning (making lots of lists and plans but never following through).

3. Decide on ONE SMALL CHANGE to make: Did you find that you are watching 2 full hours of TV after you put the kids to bed? I only ask because when I did my own time inventory I found that to be the case. The only night of the week I wasn’t watching this much TV was the night my husband was watching Game of Thrones. My small change is to only watch one TV show with my husband each night because it’s something we enjoy together, then spend the other 1-1.5 hours doing things that matter to me (or things together that are more fulfilling, like playing cards or talking by the fire pit). This can be your time for self-care. By making this one small change I’ve opened up an extra SEVEN to TEN HOURS each week. Tonight after I finish this blog post I am going to read the new Rachel Hollis book. I am so excited about it! Reading is a form of self-care for me. What small change can you make to open up some extra time in your week and what are you going to do with the time? Make yourself a priority and use some of that extra time for you!

4. Congratulate yourself for being willing to make a change: Change is hard mama! By taking the time to work through these steps you are making yourself a priority. You are deciding you are worthy. I am so excited for you!

I’d love to know what changes you’re going to make and how you are going to add some self-care into your week. Shoot me an email at, use the contact me page or DM me on Instagram (link below!).

I’m so thankful you decided to share your time here with me. You are worthy of time and self-care mama!

The Self Care Lady