May 15, 2017

I have recently gotten into this whole idea of minimalism. Not crazy get rid of everything I own minimalism. I’d love to be that person with the spotless uncluttered house, but unfortunately that just isn’t me. Or my comic book collecting, action figure loving husband. However, I have recently began to notice all of the things we have in our house that we have no use for. They just take up space. I’ve started going through it, selling some, donating some and man it has made a huge difference!
Does anyone else feel anxious when there is a lot going on? Does anyone else find themselves spending the afternoon cleaning when you’ve got a big test to study for or an uncomfortable conversation you are putting off? The idea of minimalism is to get rid of the clutter in our lives to make room for the things we actually want and need to do. The idea of minimalism is having less things to occupy our space, our time and our minds to allow us to focus on what we enjoy, what we want to do and what we need to do.
I have this test I need to be studying for in order to get my license to be a fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have all of the study tools you could ever need (about $400 worth) and yet I still find myself making excuses not to study. Oh well you need to do laundry, you need to vacuum, you need to organize your mass of stuff over there. When all of the extra stuff (that sweater you haven’t worn in a year, those shorts that haven’t fit since college, those books that you never read, those knick knacks that take up all of your time to organize) there is open space to breathe and to realize what you really need to focus on.
I could also have an empty house and still make the choice not to study for my test. I am not saying getting rid of all of your unused belonging will make you a productive, studying, hard working, accomplish-er. What I am saying thought is we have a lot of clutter in our lives. The 10 hours a week we watch netflix/TV, the time we spend on facebook and other social media, the time we spend worrying about our messy house before our family comes over. If we could reduce some of this clutter, we would run out of the excuses we use to put things off. We would get to a place where we have to make a decision on whether or not we want to spend our time on things.
We will have to decide what is important, what we are passionate about and what we are willing to do to get where we want to be. For instance, I have to DECIDE daily to study. I have to decide being a therapist is important and adds value to my life. If I don’t make that decision, de-cluttering and reducing distraction won’t have been worth anything.
What dreams, passions, goals, etc. do you put off for lack of time/space/resources? What is holding you back? Could minimalism and simplicity be the answer?
One of the best things we can do for our self care is make time to do things that are meaningful and add value to our lives. Minimalism has been something that has recently added a lot of value to mine.
Kylee Alyse
References: theminimalists

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  1. I have started to like the minimalism concept a while back, yet it has taken me quite some time to actually implement it into my life. It’s not just about letting go of stuff, just as you say, but of letting go of old habits and patterns at the same time, as they are both related. And the latter are the harder part of that process.

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