Multi-Tasking is Stealing Your Joy

August 7, 2019

A big part of self-care is being PRESENT in your day to day life. When you go through your day to day activities without physical, mental and emotional presence you are robbing yourself of the many blessings of those experiences.

Let me give you an example of this in my life.

I go outside to play with my son. Instead of just going all in and enjoying the play, I try to make the time ‘productive’. I answer some emails on my phone, I pull some weeds from the garden, I call my mom or sister to catch up. I do not give myself permission to just let go and play because there is so much to do. I fall into the trap of thinking ‘there isn’t enough time to get everything done’ and end up trying to do 4 things at once instead of just being present in the moment.

Another example. My husband is trying to talk to me about his day. Instead of sitting down and having a conversation together and listening to him – I am mentally making a list in my head of the things that need to be done tonight to prepare for tomorrow and I am not giving full or thoughtful responses. He can tell I’m not fully present and stops talking. Instead of having a meaningful discussion together we aren’t fully connecting because I’m multitasking. I’m missing out on the joy of a simple conversation with my husband because I’m trying to do 2 things at once. The alternative – set aside some time to sit together at the table and talk. Once the conversation is over, commit my full attention to making a list or plan of the things that need to get done and then tackle them without trying to do anything else at the same time. Give my full attention to my tasks so I can complete them and experience them.

Let me give you an example from my life where I am fully present.

Let’s talk about folding the laundry. Typically I listen to a podcast or an audiobook or something while I fold – which is fine. Nothing wrong with that. But let us talk for a second about another way we could fold the laundry while being mindfully present. Have you ever taken a second to be thankful for the clothes you are folding? Have you taken the time to feel the textures and look at the colors and appreciate the beauty of the clothes that are in your hands? Taking time to be mindfully present and grateful during otherwise unenjoyable tasks is a way to find JOY in the menial tasks we have to complete day to day.

Here’s another example. My son is 13 months old. When we get up in the mornings we cuddle and he nurses and we wake up slowly together. It’s magical. I smell his little head, cuddle his little body and soak him all in. In this experience, I am physically, mentally and emotionally present right there in the bed or in the chair with him. I am not distracted by my phone or thoughts about the day. I am just there. LOVING IT.

This post is a bit rambly but my point is this.


You deserve love and the time it takes to love yourself well 🙂

The Self Care Lady