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Self Care and Burnout

May 26, 2017

Lately I have been thinking a lot about burnout and self care and how these two things work together. If i’m being one hundred percent honest, it is probably because i have been experiencing some burnout lately. 
Burnout : exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration. (Link)
Burnout can happen in any part of your life, but today I want to talk about burnout at work. 
At work often we get into a grove, complete tasks day by day and we forget the importance of what we are doing. For instance, as a therapist I am in a position to provide a positive (or negative) impact on the life of another human being based on how I do my job. When people come into my office they are saying “I need help and I’ve come to you to help me”. It is a huge honor to be let into the darkest and most secret parts of people’s lives. Yet here are days when I forget this.
Every job has meaning. Teachers are shaping the future of our youth. Grocery stockers and cashiers are making food easily available. Bankers guard and make you able to access your money. Artists help others see beauty in the world. Gas station attendants allow people to get where they need to go and get snacks along the way. 
From minimum wage workers to top CEOs, everyone’s job impacts the lives of others in some way. This is what we often forget. Forgetting this causes us to lose heart and passion for our jobs. This leads to burnout. Along with long hours and little appreciation. I’ve found recently that even with good hours, appreciation and a supportive work environment; burnout is still possible if we lose sight of our purpose. 
Take some time to identify why you do what you do. Let this meaning propel you forward and give you passion for your work. You matter. Your work matters. Enjoy it. 
**if you are in an abusive work environment get out. Find your meaning elsewhere**
Kylee Alyse

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