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October 7, 2019

Hey There Friends!

Today as I was scrolling through facebook I found myself almost in tears three separate times. I had to stop and think, what was I doing? I was attempting to connect with friends and see what people were up to and instead found myself sucked into stories about people I didn’t even know who were experiencing horrible tragedies. My heart truly went out to them. I also realized that I needed to get off facebook.

In this age of 24 hours news and constant social media updates, we can find ourselves bombarded with a ton of information all at once. Our ancestors didn’t have to worry about what was happening to the family in Alaska whose toddler got really sick from a very common illness and ended up in the hospital. Our ancestors didn’t find themselves crying on the couch today over a mom they didn’t even know enduring tragedies they never could have imagined.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we need to have compassion for each other. We need to know about the things going on in the world that we actually have the power to effect change over. However, I don’t think I need to be reading about someone else’s deepest darkest moments of their lives while I’m sitting on the couch nursing my sick toddler.

Self Care in the digital age means setting limits on how much information we take in and where it comes from. I’ve made a decision today to delete facebook off of my phone. I do not need to be bombarded by new stories when I’m trying to connect with friends and family. The connection is not happening. I’d be better off sending them a text, picking up the phone for a call or making time to get together for lunch.

There is a term called “information overload” which describes exactly what I am talking about. Our brains can only hold so much information at one time. When we overload ourselves with news and information that doesn’t have a true impact on our day to day lives, it leaves little brainpower left for the things that actually matter.

I will leave you with a call to action! Take charge of the information you let into your daily life. The next time you find yourself reading that sad article about a family in New York or the article with that picture that wants you to look at it and see if you can spot the creepy guy in the corner under the bed – ask yourself – is this bringing any value to my life?

Perhaps if we cut out some of the constant noise we’d be able to find some more time for family, friends and self-care.

Remember, you deserve the time it takes to love yourself well!

The Self Care Lady

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