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Self Care Tip: Ask for Help.

February 22, 2017

Hello all! 
These past couple of weeks have felt like a roller coaster for me. There have been more days than not where my depression has been out in full force and I have struggled to make it through, but with the help of others I’ve been able to make it. And actually experience some good days in between the bad. 
I’m not sure about you guys but for me, asking for help is HARD! I was talking to my supervisor about experiencing depression and we started discussing the stigma that still surrounds mental illness. AND I WORK AT A COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER! That topic could be an entire blog of it’s own. 
These past couple weeks I’ve asked for help from my husband in the form of giving me grace; asked for help from my therapist by helping me develop a plan; asked for help from my boss in allowing me to make space in my schedule for lunches and therapy appointments. Sometimes we can’t  do it all by ourselves….. AND THATS OKAY! 
Whether you are experiencing mental illness, a super stressful week or just the ins and outs of everyday life; We are built for community. We are made to do life with other people. We are made to help each other out and accept help from others in return. 
Below are some ideas on how you can ask your friends/family/boss/ for some help:

  1. Ask you spouse/significant other/roommate to grant you some grace on things like keeping up the house/cooking dinner/etc.
  2. Ask your spouse/significant other/friend to tell you 5 things at which you are great.
  3. Ask your boss to allow you time during the day for lunch breaks and regular doctors appointments. 
  4. If you have too much on your plate at work, ask your boss to help you figure out how to juggle everything or maybe even lessen the load a bit if possible. 
  5. Ask you friend to spend an evening with you eating ice cream and watching funny movies (or whatever else sounds like a fun time to you). 
  6. Ask you spouse/significant other/best friend to give you a back rub to relax. 
  7. Ask your friend to remind you why you are a good friend. 

These past few weeks I’ve found that when I take the leap of faith and trust others around me enough to let them know what I am struggling with, they find their own ways to help me without me even needing to ask. 
Such as….

  • A friend made me a Basket of Sunshine full of yellow things including candy and fun things to do with my dog! 
  • My supervisor wrote me a super nice card telling me how much I am valued on the team. 
  • My husband has been giving me extra hugs because he knows I like them. 

What are some ways you can ask those in your life for help? And for those of you still hesitant…. think about all the times you have helped out others. They would love to have the chance to help you out as well.
Wishing you well,
Kylee Alyse  

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