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January 6, 2017

If you’re anything like how I used to be [and still sometimes am] you’d prefer to spend your days drinking coffee, tea, lemonade, energy drinks, soda, sports drinks, etc. Something with lots of flavor [and usually a great amount of sugar].
Over this past year I’ve given up most drinks except for water, coffee and tea [except for that rare occurrence when a white monster is calling my name]. I was expecting this to do wonders for my health and energy levels, however I still find myself dragging most days.
I think back to last summer when I significantly increased my water intake. I bought one of those hip bright orange 32 oz nalgene bottles [right] and carried it around religiously.

Super hip orange nalgene bottle
I tried to drink 3-4 of those daily and man did my energy levels SKYROCKET! I did not give up coffee, but by drinking so much water my coffee intake significantly declined. I would wake up in the mornings and instead of craving coffee I would crave a glass of water. NO LIE. It was a magical experience. But, like most new habits, I slowly drifted back to drinking more coffee and less water over time.
This is a self care technique I am currently working on increasing in my life and I’d be flattered if you decided to try it with me. Sometimes little things like drinking more water can significantly improve our quality of life. Below are some benefits of increasing our water intake borrowed from a blog post by Greatist.

  1. It can help with weight loss
  2. It helps with digestion
  3. It improves your mood
  4. It can help prevent headaches
  5. It gives us more energy

***disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, I have just experienced the personal benefits of drinking more water. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about hydration and your health. Also, please do not use this post as encouragement to participate in a water drinking contest, those have been linked to death.***
***disclaimer 2: This post was not in any way sponsored by Nalgene, I actually use a Yeti now. It’s not sponsored by them either but man does it keep your water cold!
Thanks for reading,

Kylee Alyse

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  1. I drink more water when I’m in university because I can put my bottle on the desk in front of me, but I drink less when I’m at home because I don’t carry it around with me! XD I didn’t know drinking too much water could lead to death…though I suppose that sounds reasonable.

    1. When I am at home I always try to pour a glass and keep it with me. My sister actually takes her water bottle everywhere with her, home includes. She’s at my house visiting right now and has it with her. But I do agree, it is much easier for me to drink more water at work because I keep it on my desk and we have free filtered water onsite.

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