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Treat Yo’ Self on a Budget

May 1, 2019

Often when we hear of self care we think of getting a massage, getting a pedicure, or treating yourself to a fancy dinner outing. I’ve written a lot about alternative self care activities (walking, exercise, spending time with friends/family, mindfulness, etc.) but sometimes we want those fancy things! In this post I’m going to share some money saving ideas to treat yo’ self!

1. Do a pedicure at home instead of at the nail salon. Put some Epson Salt in a tub with some hot water and let your feet soak. Do it with a bestie or significant other and take turns giving foot massages. Do it alone and rub your feet on a tennis ball after. Use a pumice stone to rub the bottom of your feet. Then put on your favorite polish! My favorite part about at home pedicures are you can sit and read a book, listen to a podcast, watch Netflix, whatever you want and no one will interrupt you. Pure me time! Or we time if it’s with a bestie.

2. Massage – you could take turns with a friend OR you could go to a local massage school and get a full massage from a trained professional at a cheaper price. Plus, they are REALLY trying because the material is fresh on their mind. Another option could be a Thai foot massage parlor if you have them in your area. The prices are about half of regular massage places and I’ve always had positive experiences.

3. Fancy Dinner – Instead of going out and spending all your money, learn a new recipe and cook at home! If you drink research some wine or champagne that goes well with your recipe. Get dressed up if you want and set the table. You’ll feel accomplished and have learned a new skill.

Let me know of some ways you Treat Yo’ Self without spending a fortune!

The Self Care Lady

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